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A Visual Journey

Julie Zouzounis gave up her successful corporate job in 1993 to
pursue her artistic interests and set her sights on becoming a working
creative artist. Julie turned a self-taught hobby into a professional
career through technical training and Master classes nationwide and in
After moving to the San Francisco Bay area in 1999, she established
her decorative painting and mural business, Creative Walls. Creative
Walls became one of the leading decorative finishing companies in the
East Bay area. She has taught various art, plaster and faux finish
classes all over the country for the International Decorative Artisans
League (IDAL).
In September 2021, Julie and her husband moved to Sedona, AZ a
favorite location they had visited for years. As her skills and interests
evolve, she has expanded her offerings to include fine art paintings.
Julie’s original art is influenced by textures, architectural elements,
colors and design. She paints a combination of bold acrylic paintings
and mixed-media abstracts using various techniques with multiple

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Art and creativity are part of my heart and soul. I have a powerful need to create, usually
vibrant colored acrylic paintings of various subjects and textural abstracts. I love to create art
that makes people feel happy, hopeful and good.
Working as a decorative artist for over 20 years, I have experience creating unique custom
finishes with paint and plaster on walls and furnishings. I am grateful to have the opportunity
to do what I love. During this next chapter of life in Sedona, I’m enjoying making paintings of
things that amuse, inspire and move me, often utilizing complementary colors, bold paint
strokes, texture, natural elements and patterns to create something that is visually interesting.
I am curious and love diving into a painting to see where it takes me.

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My approach is to make the most of your time and mine. When you contact me, I will ask a number of questions up front to understand the unique features of your project, desires, budget and color scheme in order to prequalify the type of art that interests you.
Next we schedule an appointment. It is always best for me to physically see the space and get a feel for your personal style and taste. Based on our conversation, I will bring samples, fan decks and my portfolio for your review.

My initial consulation fee is $75 for up to one hour at your location where I will support you with color selections and take measurements. At this meeting, we will decide how to proceed and if I need to create additional samples.

I will provide an estimate in writing and one sample at no charge. Upon approval of my estimate and sample we schedule the project on the calendar, with a 10% deposit to hold the date.

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